Sailing School Schedule

Revised: September 2019
We will always schedule a class at your convenience, for two students. All classes must have at least two students in it for the class to go on. If there is only one student signed up, the class will be cancelled and you will have one year to reschedule.

ASA 101: Nov 14-15; Nov 18-19; Nov 30-Dec 1; Dec 14-15; Jan 4-5; Jan 9-10; Jan 14-15; Jan 25-26; Feb 1-2; Feb 6-7; Feb 11-12; Feb 22-23

ASA 103: Nov 16-17; Dec 2-3; Dec 16-17; Jan 6-7; Jan 11-12; Jan 16-17; Jan 27-28; Feb 3-4; Feb 8-9; Feb 13-14; Feb 24-25

ASA 104: Nov 23-24; Dec 4-5; Dec 18-19; Jan 8-9; Jan 13-14; Jan 18-19; Jan 29-30; Feb 5-6; Feb 10-11; Feb 15-16; Feb 26-27

ASA 101-104: Nov 30-Dec 5; Dec 14-19; Jan 4-9; Jan 9-14; Jan 14-19; Jan 25-30; Feb 1-6; Feb 6-11; Feb 11-16; Feb 22-27

ASA 104/114 combo: Nov 18-20; Dec 13-15; Jan 8-10; Jan 18-20; Feb 17-19; Feb 14-16

ASA 105:

ASA 106:

ASA 114: Nov 25-26; Dec 21-22; Jan 10-11; Feb 21-22

Power School Curriculum

Revised: August 2018

Earn Power Boat Certification with the Recreational Power Boat Association

Join our powerboating classes now at Cruising Florida Powerboat Academy in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Twin Inboard Drives

Twin Inboard Drives are two independent, side-by-side engines within a single boat and are very effective in close quarters. This effective twin drive setup uses two inboard engines, two propellers and two rudders.

• 37ft Fontaine Pajot Power Catamaran "Sweet Caroline" or "Exhale"
• Weekday - $995.50; Weekend/Holiday - $1285.25
• Captain Rate: $185.00
• A $125 processing fee will be added per person if taking RPBA Certification.

Stern Drives/Outboards

Stern Drives / Outboard's are the majority of powerboats. Stern Drives are also called Inboard / Outboard (I / O). Unlike the Twin or Single Inboard which has a propeller set at a fixed angle and must rely on a rudder for turning, these engine types steer by pivoting the propeller to the right or left. Stern Drives and Outboards can also be tilted up or down to trim the boat. In the case of the Outboard, the entire engine pivots, while in the case of the Stern Drive or I / O, the "Inboard" engine remains in place while the "Outboard" stern drive unit, mounted on the outside of the transom, pivots. With either engine, the propeller wash is directed to the right or left and the water flow, known as directed thrust, forces the boat to turn.

• 2019 Sea Pro 248 DLX
• Day: $595
• Captain Rate: $185
• A $125 processing fee will be added per person if taking RPBA Certification.