Gulfport, FL



Gulfport, Florida, is a colorful town located on the West Coast of Florida, near St. Petersburg. Gulfport is home to over 12,000 people and is known for its small-town feel with quiet streets, beautiful views, and for their “Old Florida” charm. The City of Gulfport was awarded the Recreational Boating Access Award for "The City of Gulfport Municipal Mooring Field." This Gateway to the Gulf is on protected Boca Ciega Bay, near the Gulf of Mexico. Gulfport offers charming waterfront businesses, restaurants, and bed and breakfasts and just a mile east of downtown is the Gulfport Municipal Marina with fuel, pump-out facilities and a ship's store. However, there are changes happening, the biggest being development. They are introducing a multi-story mixed-use building. That includes several different types of businesses like a home good store. There are some concerns about this new development, but the businesses that are in this building still want to go with the town’s current vibes. So even with all this development, there will still be no chain stores, parking meters, and there will still be plenty of fun and unique boutiques.


This beachy community boasts some tiny cottages and a colonial feel with its brick roads. There’s not much traffic for a town with such great restaurants and bars. This is a very open and accepting community, no matter the age or way all are welcome here! With it being a community on the water, there are plenty of restaurants where you can dock your boat and enjoy some amazing foods! Also, anywhere you are walking around downtown Gulfport you can almost always see the water. This community is perfect for boaters!


There are a few restaurants in the Gulfport area and two bars that are great for all. Like the North End Tap House which serves many fantastic, local Floridian brews. There’s also the Vintage Wine Lounge, and plenty of bar and grille type restaurants like O’Maddy’s and Caddy’s. You won’t go hungry or thirsty in this community! To find out about all of the creative restaurants click here!


A great way to spend your Tuesday is at Gulfport’s Fresh Market! Or any day of the week take a stroll down Beach Boulevard. The Fishing Pier is a great place to cast your line or just relax and enjoy the ocean air! Gulfport is a very artistic town, and they sure do love to show it off. Every third Saturday you can take a stroll down the Art Walk. And if the Florida is just too hot, then check out some of their art galleries as well. There is so much to do in such a small town. For more ideas on what is available in Gulfport check out or you can also check out Gulfport’s Business Directory. Gulfport’s mission is to have visitors of the community to “support our members and shop local!” By clicking on the link to the business directory, you will find the businesses that provide the best food and beverages in Gulfport, FL.